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Kuban Agro is part
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industrial group
Basic Element

Kuban Agro, part of the diversified industrial group Basic Element, is one of the largest agricultural companies in the South of Russia.

Key areas of business include crop production (wheat, barley, sunflower, soy, corn, sugar beet), animal breeding (beef and pork live weight and milk production), sugar production, seed farming, and grain processing and storage.

Kuban Agro includes dairy and animal farms, a sugar refinery, grain elevators, seed production facilities, and a facility that repairs and overhauls agricultural equipment. The company’s overall land under cultivation is 94,000 hectares.

All factories and land under cultivation are located in the Krasnodar territory, the region most favourable to agriculture in Russia thanks to its warm climate and fertile black soils.

In 2014 Kuban Agro successfully completed the implementation of two investment projects – a new 52,000 head capacity hog farm and a slaughterhouse with a capacity of 8,400 tons per year. The launch of the hog farm and the slaughterhouse allowed the company to strengthen its position in industrial pig farming and enter the agricultural products processing segment. Vertical integration and a good raw materials base provide for strength in animal breeding production control at all stages. The company plans to pursue further vertical integration and business diversification through the launch of selection pig breeding center and development of high value products.

Kuban Agro is one of the top-20 largest agricultural companies and the top-5 most efficient land users in Russia. The company is working continuously to increase efficiencies, including the implementation of a production system based on the principles of Japanese philosophy kaizen. Kuban Agro was the first agricultural company which started introducing lean manufacturing technologies in Russia.

The company has its own science and technology laboratory which breeds high-yielding hybrid corn and also develops and introduces crop production and animal breeding technologies which are unique in Russia. Kuban Agro has been breeding crops since 2008. In 2014 the company launched a program for accelerated reproduction of a breed herd through embryo transfer method.

Kuban Agro strategy is aimed at boosting efficiency and developing high value-added products.

Russia provide a solid basis for long-term and successful business growth in the interests of company’s employees and all inhabitants of the Krasnodar territory.