Social projects
Kuban Agro
participates in developing the social infrastructure,
education system as well as
encourages the growth of sport

Kuban Agro implements a set of social programs in the Krasnodar territory aimed at developing the social infrastructure, education and healthcare systems aswell as encouraging the growth of sport.

Social infrastructure development

  • Since 2007 Kuban Agro has invested more than 536 million rubles in social programs. It has donated about 106 million rubles to schools, kindergartens, children’s creative teamwork and sports teams.
  • In 2012 the company also provided financial support of 16 million rubles towards a new kindergarten building for 120 children in Razdolnaya (Korenovsk district, the Krasnodar territory).
  • Over 20 million rubles was allocated to support schools in Krasnodar territory in 2014.
  • Kuban Agro’s firm belief that “Employees are our most valuable asset” is captured in the company’s investment in social and community projects, including the founding of The United Veteran Organization. Throughout the year the company provides financial support for veterans as well as making home visits and honoring them at special anniversaries. The veterans spend time with staff to share their valuable experiences.

Education system support and development

  • Kuban Agro collaborates with Oleg Deripaska’s Volnoe Delo Foundation in implementing two social projects, “New Generation Workers” and “We are together”.
  • The “New Generation Workers” program aims to raise the skill levels and qualifications of basic and intermediate vocational training institutions’ students to meet the needs of business and improve employability. Students of two vocational schools, №48 (Nekrasovskaya stanitsa) and №57 (Ladozhskaya stanitsa) conduct their internships at Kuban Agro and if successful, they are offered jobs. In 2014 20 students conducted their internships at Kuban Agro’s enterprises.
  • The company launched a project called “We are together”, targeting support for out-of-school activities, education, social adaptation, professional formation and further employment of children from low-income and troubled families. Mentorship plays the main role in the project as one of the most efficient techniques of work with orphans and children in need. In 2014, Kuban Agro's employees carried out career guidance talks and organized excursions to the plants for 300 schoolchildren from six districs of the region. 

Sport development

  • Every year Kuban Agro holds a big sports festival which involves more than 1,000 of the company’s employees. Its programme includes football, track-and-field athletics, darts and other contests. Sportsmen’s friends, colleagues and families come to support them. Small sports days among Kuban Agro’s divisions are also held during the year.

Investment projects
8,400 tons of meat processed per year
Hog farm
52,000 hogs
Kuban Agro implements two investment projects – a new 52,000 head capacity hog farm and a slaughterhouse with a capacity of 8,400 tons per year.