Voskhod stud
farm continues breeding
British thoroughbred horses

Voskhod stud farm was founded in 1920 at the horse breeder Nikolenko’s mansion that was nationalized by Soviet authorities during Bolshevik revolution. Initially it was named Kubansko-Chernomorsky stud farm but in 1924 it was renamed to Voskhod. It is one of the best equestrian plants specializing on breeding and raising horses of the thoroughbred riding breed. Voskhod’s geographic location coupled with mild climate is ideal for horse breeding.

In 2009, Voskhod became a part of Kuban Agro holding. Specialists of the plant carry on and preserve horse breeding traditions and adhere to modern requirements of horse breeding industry that values high quality of growing horses.

Facilities Voskhod stud farm
Production Racers, foals, mares
150,000 tons of combined storage
Development and modernization Stud farm continues breeding British thoroughbred horses
Employees 52 people
Management CEO Vladimir Krasnobrizhiy
Contacts 4, Novokubanskaya St., Novokuban district Krasnodar territory, Russia