Sugar production
Kuban Agro
granulated sugar, sugar pressed in cubes
treacle and raw and granulated beet pulp

“Svoboda” sugar refinery, a part of Kuban Agro, processes sugar beet and raw sugar and produces granulated sugar.
Facilities “Svoboda” sugar refinery
  • Granulated sugar
  • Sugar pressed in cubes
  • Treacle
  • Raw and granulated beet pulp
Capacity In 2014 “Svoboda” sugar refinery processed 608,000 tons of sugar beet and produced 80,200 tons of sugar.
Development and modernization Kuban Agro continues a program to increase “Svoboda” sugar refinery’s capacity. By 2018 it will be increased to 7,000 tons of sugar processing per day. The refinery’s increasing capacity consists of the installation of new equipment and the automation of technological processes.
Employees 500 people
Management Vitaliy Artamonov, head of the Sugar division
Contacts 1, Montazhnaya St., Ust-Labinsk, Krasnodar territory, Russia
Tel.: +7 (86135) 9-47-38; 5-10-77