social policy
Kuban Agro
Is one of the biggest employers
in the Ust-Labinsk territory
of the Krasnodar region

The people who work at Kuban Agro share common values. Our corporate culture is built on honesty, trust and care. These values act as the foundation for the way the group does business.

The group’s key values include:

  1. Respect for the rightsand interests of our employees and the requirements of our clients and partners
  2. Fair pay in accordance with performance and equal opportunities for professional growth
  3. Honesty in everything we do
  4. Efficiency in achieving the best possible results in everything we do
  5. Courage in the decisions we take and the standards we uphold
  6. Care for the people and communities we operate in, including environmental protection
  7. Trust in our employees to make the right decisions

Basic Element’s key ethical principles are reflected across the whole business, in particular:

  1. Internal communications
  2. Relations with partners and clients
  3. Government relations
  4. Health and safety at work and environmental stewardship
  5. Efficiency, control and reporting