Green soul in cold Russia
03.01.2014 / La Stampa

Boundless expanses of cultivated fields. A pleasant silence interrupted by a sympathetic nitrite or the mild noise of farming production. It is the atmosphere that emerges between the fields of Krasnodar , a city in southern Russia. Walking through the streets , only breathing pure air. There is Kuban Agroholding , one of the twenty most important Agricompanies in the country

It is part of the Basic Element, one of the largest industrial groups in Russia , author of numerous programs to minimize carbon emissions and for the preservation of biological diversity.

This work is done in collaboration with various organizations such as the UNDP ( United Nations Program for Development) and the WWF. Kuban is engaged in production of milk, wheat, sugar and is a leader in the maintenance of agricultural machinery. It is also distinguished by its commitment to sustainability .

This company integrates over thirty companies in seven districts of Krasnodar. Over 5,000 people work in its divisions. There is the largest center for maintenance of agricultural machinery , with as many as 230 pieces of equipment from foreign manufacturers ( John Deere , Burle , CLAAS ) . Kuban has introduced environmentally friendly vehicles and 50% of the tractors have been like this for more than ten years. Since 2008, the company is also implementing a program to increase of soil fertility through organic fertilizers through the Canadian system CADMAN . A tractor is only able to accept sixteen tonnes of load and runs approximately seventeen strokes per turn . In 2012 were included over thirty-eight tons of manure on 4,500 hectares.

Even the cows are the protagonists in this versatile rugged scenery . There are ten large dairy farms . Only in 2012 they produced over 41,000 tons of milk. Each cow is controlled by a system that allows you to see the quality and quantity of production. Among the extensive grounds also check a sugar refinery . The company is specializing in the production, storage and sale . In 2012, 83,000 tons were well packaged sugar . And there is the facility for the production of seeds. It has an annual production capacity amounting to 9,300 tons. Large expanses of wheat form the backdrop to this landscape. Is processed , stored and sold.

But the real gem of the Kuban Agroholding is the Voskhod stud farm . Immersed in a green oasis , the center is home to more than 250 English thoroughbred horses . Over 40% of thoroughbred mares and 50% of stallions are destined to farms throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union . The horses on the farm have won the Grand National Derby forty-three times and over 200 international awards. The star of the farm is the fearless Anilin , who won the Russian Derby and second in the Washington International Horse Show.

The company focuses on training students . The students come mostly from the Faculty of Agriculture . Entering the first year of University for three years and provide training in the field. "Unfortunately, there are not many guys who want to work in the agricultural sector , often considered unattractive and difficult ," says Anton Ulanov , general manager of Kuban Agroholding . It is placed special attention to the selection of top managers . I'm always on the field , and must demonstrate commitment and dynamism , especially in the face of new technologies adopted .

The company's revenues are still growing : in 2012 speaks well of 224.3 million dollars, with a net profit increase of 21.1 million dollars. In terms of productivity , are scheduled : the introduction of high-yielding cattle to increase milk production and the establishment of a center for the breeding of pigs. But the preservation of the environment remains an important principle , especially for the future . Among the objectives of the program emerge : the restructuring of the sugar refinery and the upgrading of the two dairy farms with cutting edge technology .